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What is a nootropic?

A nootropic is any supplement or compound capable of improving specific aspects of cognitive function (e.g. memory, focus, energy), without causing any adverse side effects. 

We delve deep into the rise of this new category of nutrition in this blog post here.

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peak brain power in a capsule.

Starting at $69.99 per tub.

Enhance is your daily nootropic for brain health.

Formulated to promote the long term health of your brain and improve memory, support neuroprotection and accelerate learning.

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Brain health is a multivariate problem

Enhancing the health and performance of the brain, both now and in the future, will require multiple solutions all working in synergy.

Whether that's lifestyle changes, nutrition, gene therapies, neural technology/hardware, pharmaceuticals or even nanotech.

The brain is the next frontier and will be the platform for a lot of innovation over the coming years.

Enhance™ Nootropic is our solution and one small piece of the puzzle of brain health.

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Download our Enhance User guide

We've crafted a "User Guide" for Enhance Nootropic to help you learn more about the product, how to use it, and the high quality ingredients that make this a potent brain health formula.

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How to upgrade your neurochemistry: Part 1 - Lifestyle Practices

Most days, I spend a lot of time thinking about the brain.

As I’ve stated before, I believe the brain is the next frontier, and is going to be the platform for a lot of innovation over the next few years.

The brain is the CPU of the human body.

The brain is the wetware which generates consciousness, drives movement and make us, us....

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From pivot to pre-launch. Enhance is finally here

Hey guys,

We are super excited to announce that pre-orders for Enhance, our daily neurovitamin, is finally upon us.

This is our second official launch for Neuratech after out first soiree in the market in 2018....

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a brief guide to cognitive enhancing substances

Nootropics are a general ‘blanket’ term to describe any compound capable of improving several different aspects of cognitive function, such as memory, focus or creativity, without causing many adverse side effects.

This term was coined in 1972 by a Romanian chemist, Corneliu E. Giurgea....

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