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Are Nootropics really worth it?

One of the most common things we hear is "Wow, nootropics are expensive, I can’t justify spending that much! "
But in reality, are they expensive? Or can they make you money?
Personally, we look at most decisions from a objective viewpoint and weigh up the probability of potential outcomes to ultimately determine the expected outcome.
This lets us objectively determine whether it’s worth it or not.
To help get this point across let’s use an example.
Let’s assume you work at a job and are looking to get a promotion in the coming year that is worth $10,000 to you.
You expect that you have a 20% chance of getting it without any help.
$10,000 salary increase (20% chance of getting it without nootropics) = Expected Outcome (EO) of $2,000.
But here’s the kicker. Could nootropics be used to increase your odds of gaining the promotion and make you money?
Let’s do the math.
Below are three potential outcomes of using nootropics in this instance.
It’s assumed that the nootropic (Claritea, shameless plug 😊) is used as recommended: 25 serves a month for a cost of $50/month for 11 months, excluding 4 weeks of holiday. Total cost = $550 for the year.
The three outcomes:
1. Outcome one with nootropics:
25% chance of getting it with nootropics (5% better than baseline)
= (EO of salary - EO without nootropics) – cost of Claritea = overall EO of using nootropics
= $2500 - $550 = $1950 ($50 less than without nootropics)
2. Outcome two with nootropics:
27.5% chance of getting the promotion (7.5% better than baseline)
= $2750 - $550 = $2200 ($200 more than without nootropics)
3. Outcome three with nootropics:
30% chance of getting the promotion (10% better than baseline and 10% Claritea monthly subscription saving)
= $3000 - $495 = $ 2505 ($505 more than without nootropics)
Now we don’t know how effective the nootropics will be for you so let’s find the average EO to be safe.
The overall expected outcome from using nootropics over the course of one year is (O2+ O3+ O4)/3 = $ 2,218
That’s an expected earning of $218 from using nootropics.
But wait, that’s only including purely quantitative factors.
Don’t you think that if you’re consistently performing at a higher level then you will get a benefit in skills, knowledge and additional opportunities? Not to mention the benefits to your social connections from having more energy and being more switched on, which in turn will land you in the good books of others and open up further opportunities.
That’s the beauty of it all.
The more you tip the odds of life in your favour the greater the cumulative benefits.
Personally, the purely positive financial EO in this scenario would make it worth our while to use nootropics.
All of the other benefits simply compound and add to the cumulative benefit of nootropic use.
If your still reading up until this point then good work, we hope we’ve shown you just one single scenario where nootropics can make a difference in your life.
TL:DR: The maths shows that nootropics will make you, not cost you money 😊.

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