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5 Tips to Stay Focused and Productive while Working From Home (WFH)

For a lot of us, we have had to get used to the idea of working from home (WFH), due to the changes that have happened as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing restrictions.

It's been a huge pattern interrupt and change in our daily routine.

Those of us lucky enough to have kept our jobs, have had to get used to getting work done at home without distractions (damn tough).

Those of us who have been left without a job, might be sitting at home questioning what to do with all this free time.

Do we learn a new skill? Do we find some hobbies? Do we build our dream business or side hustle? 

Either way, it can be super difficult to figure out how to settle into this new routine. How do we stay motivated, disciplined and focused to actually tackle the tasks we KNOW we need to be doing?

It's hard when there's temptations all around us. There's social media, there's junk food, there's porn at our fingertips. All the necessary ingredients to stop us being focused and on track with whatever goals we set.

We thought we'd share some of our personal favourite tips for staying focused while working from home and trying to get sh*t done.

We think we are adequately qualified as not only have we transitioned to WFH for our full time jobs, but we have technically been working from home the entire time that we've been building this business, and that's no easy task.

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Here are our top 5 tips for being focused, productive and motivated while WFH:

1. Get your morning routine right

This is crucial. Get all of the stuff done you need to do for the day BEFORE you start your working day.

Ensure you have a good morning routine you can stick to each day to execute all the tasks you deem important first.

Whether it’s exercise, meditation, cleaning, washing clothes, eating a healthy breakfast or taking your daily supplements.

You don't want to be working at home and thinking about all the other activities you could be doing. Get essentials done first, then work and you will feel satisfied and less distracted by other possibilities throughout the day.

Aim to still get up early and stick to a set schedule. E.g. if you wake up at 6am everyday at normal work hours, continue to do the same, give yourself ample time to address the days activities and then start work.

2. Put on some clothes

Don't laze around your home all day in your PJ's.

It might be fun at first but it quickly turns into being lazy in your habits and in your work.

If you take the time to get changed into a normal set of clothes (at the very least) when you start your WFH session or work shift, then it will feel more formal and as if you're ready to actually do work.

You can then get changed again after you finish your shift to “close off the day’s work”.

3. Make or continue your ritual

We all have our own little ritual as we are starting our typical day at work. 

It's important to continue this ritual when you're working from home too.

Whether that's brewing a nice warm cup of coffee, writing down your daily to-do list and tasks or tidying up your workstation. Keep the rituals going!

This will help keep your working patterns in check, and help you ease into the working day.

If your daily ritual is to make a nice warm up of coffee, you would be silly not to check out Savvy Beverage.

Savvy Beverage are one of our collaboration partners for our new WFH bundle. They’re a Sydney based company who have developed a coffee pod infused with nootropics. This is a gamechanger, honestly.

These coffee pods are compatible with all Nespresso machines.

Simply swap out your regular Nespresso coffee pods for Savvy Mental Performance Coffee Pods and you gain the added benefit of some SUPER high-quality nootropics to boost brain function and cognition. An awesome way to start your day!

4. Write your to-do list

Your to-do list is easily the most important thing you can do to ensure you stay on task every day.

You should be writing a to-do list for almost every aspect of your life.

But for working from home, this becomes crucial.

Before you start your working shift, write down your 3-5 most important tasks that you know you need to get done. It may be a good idea to even allocate the amount of time you should be spending on each of these tasks.

As you complete these tasks, tick them off one by one.

This will give you a bit of satisfaction and a small hit of dopamine due to the accomplishment and help motivate you to continue hitting each goal until they’re done.

5. Take a good nootropic

You knew this had to be on here. There are so many nootropics (cognitive enhancing supplements) and natural compounds out there that you can use to help improve your focus, energy and ultimately productivity during the working day.

The obvious choice is coffee/caffeine, that is fantastic for keeping you wakeful and improving cognitive capacity.

You can also look into Teacrine® and Dynamine® by Compound Solutions. These are alkaloids structurally similar to caffeine, however with different half-lives and peak concentration curves. They provide similar effects to caffeine but with no habituation over time, and with providing stimulation over a greater period of time.

L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea can be supplemented (200-400mg) with your coffee to help reduce the jitteryness and provide a more clear/calming focus.

L-Tyrosine (at 500mg-2g), an amino acid and precursor to dopamine can be used to help support mood, motivation and help create a buffer to stress.

These are just a few examples of some nootropics that you can use to improve focus, mood and overall productivity throughout the day.

To cover all your brains bases, our daily nootropic Enhance works best. It is formulated to target overall brain health, learning and memory!

We include 6 patented ingredients, with strong supporting evidence to provide nutritional support to the brain.

Enhance can be taken almost daily, with your coffee, your morning greens or a food/fat source for better absorption. It’s just 2 capsules per day and you’re giving your brain health a good basis to build off.


If you want to learn more about how to be productive while working from home - you may want to check out our new Enhance WFH subscription.

We're giving you 50% off your first tub of Enhance, massive discounts on other Australian health and wellness brands as well as a free WFH ebook with many more tips to help you smash out your day from home.

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