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Best Nootropics 2020 - Focus, energy, productivity.

Welcome to our new mini blog series, where we will be diving into the Best Nootropics of 2020, this is our 2nd post in the series, looking at nootropics to improve focus, energy and productivity.

Nootropics are so diverse in their effects and their benefits that its wise to separate them into categories and not necessary lump them into a "one size fits all" solution.

As such, we would love to go over our 3 top picks for Nootropics in 2020 that can help support focus, energy and productivity during the day.

Why is improving focus, energy and productivity important?

1. Helps you complete deep work each day and not get distracted

2. Get work done quicker, so you have more time in your day for the things you enjoy or are passionate about

3. Competitive advantage in your career 

4. Feel satisfied and happy with yourself knowing you've been productive and not lazy

Our top 3 picks for Nootropics to boost focus, energy and productivity:

1. Teacrine®/Dynamine®

Teacrine® and Dynamine® are patented ingredients from Compound Solutions, quickly gaining popularity in the sports supplement and health supplement industries, for good reason too.

Teacrine and Dynamine are alkaloids with structural similarity to caffeine.

Teacrine works primarily by working on the following pathways:

1. Activating dopamine receptors D1 and D2 and supporting dopaminergic signaliing

2. Increase activity in the Nucleus Accumbens in the brain, leading to feelings of reward, task completion and motivation

3. Inhibits adenosine in the brain, leading to feelings of alertness and wakefulness

teacrine effects nootropic

Teacrine has a half life 4 times greater than caffeine, so the effects last longer, however it causes no increase in blood pressure, heart rate or irritability. 

Dynamine itself acts quicker than caffeine (quicker peak concentration curve) and acts longer in the body than caffeine.

You can also pair caffeine with Teacrine and Dynamine if you so choose, which increases the half life of caffeine itself 3 fold, meaning you need less of a dose to achieve the same result. 

Teacrine and Dynamine are fascinating compounds. They can provide feelings of amplified energy, focus and mood by acting on key neural pathways without causing negative side effects (like jitters or increased heart rate).

The standard dose for Teacrine is 125mg-200mg, depending on whether you're pairing it with caffeine or not.

There has been no established dose for Dynamine, however, 200-400mg seems to be the dose used most and seems to confer its benefit.

2. goMCT® (MCT Oil)

MCT Oil or medium chain triglycerides are a form of healthy fat, commonly extracted from coconut oil.

goMCT® in particular, another epic ingredient by Compound Solutions, is a mixture of high quality MCT Oil and Acacia fibre (a prebiotic for the gut). 


mct oil powder

goMCT is a high energy fat source containing C8 and C10 MCT's that helps your body create ketones and optimise ketone production.

Ketones are an alternative energy source that your body and brain can use when glucose isn't readily available. 

Ketones are an energy source converted from fat sources and not carbohydrates.

MCT Oils are a great energy source, that can also help with weight management and satiety throughout the day.

3. L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid found in many foods, like chicken, fish, milk or nuts.

It is a precursor to dopamine and other catecholamines like noradrenaline/norepinephrin. 

L-Tyrosine can also be supplemented, generally at a dose of 1.5g-3g a day to help improve energy, motivation, mood and reduce the effects of stress.

L-Tyrosine will not necessarily outright increase concentrations of dopamine in the brain, but will however give your body the building blocks to create it as needed.

L-Tyrosine is really the perfect supplement to use to improve your performance during the day, particularly at work or in stressful situations. This would become even more important if you don't think you're getting enough L-Tyrosine from your diet.

Here are some studies looking at the effects of L-Tyrosine supplementation:



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