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How Nootropics Reduce Corporate Burnout

We cannot deny that life is pretty stressful at times - personal life and work life. The long hours, the workload, your colleagues and so much more. Now this we all experienced pre-covid, but adding a global pandemic on top of this hasn’t helped.

More and more people started working from home which means that the distance we seemed to have between work and home is no longer. Working from home definitely has its advantages, but separating your professional life from your personal life when your office and living space are the same space is tough. 

Today we’re breaking down how to reduce corporate burnout, and how nootropics can assist.

Know the symptoms

To overcome something, you first need to understand what exactly it is. So, what is burnout? Burnout is described as a state of physical and/or emotional exhaustion that involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity. Symptoms vary from person-to-person as no two people are the same, but typically they are: trouble concentrating, a lack of satisfaction, a change in food habits, a change in sleeping habits, feeling irritable and impatient, and bodily changes such as stomach problems and headaches.  [1] 

How do you reduce it?

Voice how you are feeling

Speak to those around you about what you are feeling and why you think you are feeling that way. Often when we’re approaching the feeling of burnout, we think that it’s just something we’re going through and it’s normal, but we don’t understand the severity of it. Reaching out to those around you can help you to understand it on a deeper level and take actions to overcome it. 

Find a balance

Like we mentioned, it can be tough to separate work life from your personal life and you may not see it as a contributing factor to stress, but it is. We are not meant to be working 24/7 and we deserve time off, away from the laptops and screens that take us most of the hours in our day. 


Once you are away from the screens and take your much needed time off, you may feel a bit lost and like you don’t know what to do with your time. This is where exercise, meditation or reading comes into play. Find what you enjoy and spend your time on that. 

Track your sleep

We mentioned in a previous blog post just how important sleep is for you both mentally and physically. Do you ever feel like you haven’t rested when you wake up from your 7-hour “sleep”? Even though you might be sleeping for a certain amount of hours, it doesn’t mean that your mind shuts off and your body is actually resting. If you have a fitness watch, which most people nowadays do, it can normally track your sleeping pattern as well. We recommend using that for at least a week as a guideline to learn more about your sleeping habits. 

Use nootropics

Nootropics such as chamomile (or one of its constituents, apigenin) have properties that have proven to promote relaxation, improve sleep and reduce stress. It can commonly be found in tea and it is recommended to take it before bed to increase your chances of having a decent sleep. 

You can also look at adaptogenic herbs, such as Rhodiola Rosea, Ashwagandha, Bacopa Monnieri or Panax ginseng to help reduce and improve your stress response. These are found in both Calm and Enhance,

Our Calm Hot Chocolate is designed using 11 all-natural plant extracts, adaptogens and nootropics that are supported by over 1 000 scientific students to reduce the feeling of overwhelm and improve the quality of your sleep. 

Our Enhance nootropic is a daily product designed to support and improve your focus, memory and learning. It provides your brain with the necessary nutrition needed to support both short term energy and focus as well as long term memory and brain health. Enhance also contains adaptogens and L-theanine to help increase a state of calm while you work during the day.

We know that burnout is a terrible thing to go through and to experience, and we don’t want that for you. Recognize the signs, seek support and take the necessary steps to ensure that you don’t reach that point.


  1. Mayo Clinic. 2021. Know the signs of job burnout. (online) Available at:,as%20depression%2C%20are%20behind%20burnout. (Accessed 5 April 2022). 

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