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Neuratech Overview - Who are we?

Hey everyone!
We are excited to announce the official blog for Neuratech.
We will be releasing new articles every 2-3 weeks and posting them directly to you.
Expect loads of informative content to help you learn more about our company, nootropics, smart drugs, supplementation, biohacking, new approaches for improving health and performance, various human enhancement technologies and the future of biotechnology in general.
So, what is Neuratech?
Neuratech stands for Neural Enhancement Technologies. We are a young Australian company focusing on developing a variety of unique products that can be used to improve cognitive performance in individuals.
Neuratech was born from a deep desire to improve ourselves and our performance. We wanted to find ways that we could increase our productivity, be more efficient, work harder, be smarter, and be overall better humans.
We played around with positive lifestyle changes, such as optimising our nutrition, training, sleep, meditation, self-reflection practices and using positive manifestation techniques. These all worked great, but we wanted more. This is when we stumbled upon smart drugs such as Modafinil and other popular nootropics (cognitive enhancing supplements).
We realised we could use these supplements and drugs to positively affect our biochemistry, leading to increased performance. This helped immensely for our university studies and getting through 3rd and 4th year exams.
Unfortunately, most smart drugs are prescription only in Australia, too potent to be used on a regular basis and have to be purchased through dodgy Indian suppliers and manufacturers whenever you want your fix.
We saw the huge trend towards increased performance through lifestyle changes and taking nootropics, amongst many other techniques, that was being spread across the U.S and in particular Silicon Valley. There’s been a huge surge and increase in popularity for groups such as “Biohackers”, who are individuals who experiment with themselves to try and improve/optimise their own biology, for either health or performance reasons.
We noticed that Australia was lagging behind in this trend. This is where we took the initiative to start-up Neuratech.
We want Neuratech to be the company to take Nootropics to Australians and to the mainstream. To help everyone in our country improve their own cognitive performance and to become more effective, efficient and useful humans.
Not only this, but we plan on implementing and using other technologies such as EEG Neurofeedback, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, or Brain-Computer Interfaces to create products that can improve cognitive performance beyond the physiological limits. Using drugs and supplements to significantly improve performance through altering biochemistry will become increasingly difficult, due to the millions required for R&D to find novel compounds or mechanisms of actions for new products.
We have created a little diagram to show the boundary of where we will operate, and what we hope to achieve with our products.
We will call this the “Health/Performance Continuum”.
Rather than using our products to necessarily cure or provide therapy to sick or deficient individuals, we aim to create products that will take people from a healthy state to a high performance state.
These are broadly referred to as Human Enhancement Technologies. We will go over the large variety of human enhancement technologies and products that currently exist outside of what we are developing here at Neuratech in the near future.
We believe this is just the very beginning of the era of human enhancement, and we want to play a small part in the big role it will play as we advance into the world of the future.
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