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Nootropic Ingredient spotlight - Neuravena®

Welcome to our new blog  series, where we are giving you insights into unique and impactful nootropic ingredients to improve brain health and wellbeing.

We are lucky enough to be exposed to a wide range of new and interesting nootropics on the market, so we thought, why not highlight everything that looks promising to our audience!

You may see a few of these in some of our upcoming formulas too!

Let's get started.

What is Neuravena®?

Neuravena® is a green oat extract sourced from a unique strain of Avena Sativa L. It's supplied and developed by our friends over at Frutarom Health, who also develop Sharp PS and Sharp PS Green!

Oat has a history of promise in showing improvements in physical and psychological health.

Neuravena in particular has 5 major clinical studies completed in order to support its efficacy in improving brain function and performance.

How does Neuravena® work (Mechanisms of action)?

Current research shows that Neuravena works primarily via these two mechanisms of action:

1. Inhibition of the enzyme MAO-B 
2. Inhibition of the enzyme PDE-4

Monoamine Oxidase B or MAO-B is an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters in the brain.

MAO-B is known to preferentially breakdown dopamine among a few other neurotransmitters.

MAO-B inhibitors therefore may prevent dopamine degradation and may increase stores of dopamine in the brain, which could help concentration, motivation and drive.

PDE or Phosphodiesterase are enzymes which hydrolyze (break down via a chemical reaction with water) the cyclic nucleotides, cAMP and cGMP.

Low cellular doses/concentrations of cyclic nucleotides such as cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) has been correlated with disorders in humans.

PDE-4 inhibition then is able to elevate levels of cAMP in the brain, which can lead to memory improving, wakefulness promoting, neuroprotective and potentially even have antidepresssant effects.

neuravena mechanism of action

[PDE-4 Inhibition by Neuravena - Photo courtesty of Frutarom Health]

Effects & Research for Neuravena®

The effects of Neuravena seem to be numerous and have been quantified via 5 primary clinical trials.

This includes:

1. Improving working memory

2. Improving concentration

3. Improving cognitive performance in stressful situations

4. Improved reaction time

A study of 42 healthy adults showed that 800mg per day of Neuravena was able to improve global reaction time or whats known as "Speed of performance". Episodic memory, working memory and accuracy were also improved with a single dose of 800mg of Neuravena. This confirms that it has an acute improvement for cognitive function.

Doses of up to 1600-2500mg have been used in clinical trials to show improvement in cognitive function (attention, focus) under situations of pressure/stress.

Not only this, but Neuravena looks promising for long term brain health too. In one study, 42 participants with a mean age of 67 years, supplemented 1500mg of Neuravena daily.

It was shown that Neuravena enhanced systemic and cerebral endothelial function over a period of 12 weeks. These vasodilation effects may have implications for prevention of age related cognitive decline.







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