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What is Enhance Nootropic?

Enhance is our latest nootropic supplement to be released with our new relaunch of the brand and our products. It is the first of three products which we intend to release to target all aspects of brain health and performance.

Enhance is to form as a basis of brain health, memory and learning.

Boost/Flow will be used to improve brain performance, focus and energy on an as needed basis.

Chill/Calm will be used to reduce stress, anxiety and promote mood and help with sleep.

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Enhance is our daily nootropic supplement and our solution for the modern-day human. It has been specifically formulated to support brain health, memory and learning and to give your brain the basis for optimal health and performance.

Enhance contains 9 ingredients including 6 patented natural nootropics to ensure quality, safety and efficacy is of the highest standard.

We’ve included Bacopa, CDP-Choline, Lions Mane mushroom, Sharp PS Phosphatidylserine, Neurofactor coffee fruit extract, Cellcharge fulvic minerals, Acteolin, Black pepper extract and B-Vitamins.

Enhance works primarily by supporting essential neurotransmitters such as acetycholine and dopamine, providing micronutrients to keep your brain healthy and supporting neurotrophins NGF and BDNF which are proteins that support nerve cells and neurons.

Enhance is a one of a kind brain health formula, new to the Australian market with some of the highest quality ingredients available globally.

We manufacture locally in Melbourne to GMP standards in a TGA and Food standards approved facility.

Enhance is filler free, caffeine free and vegan friendly.

Pop just 2 capsules per day and feel the benefits of our unique formula.

Enhance is our solution and one small piece of the puzzle towards optimal brain health.

Click the link here to get your hands on Enhance, our premium, natural, brain health formula today.

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