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What is Human Enhancement?

In our previous blog, we went over the 5 Fundamental Lifestyle Pillars, which you can begin to implement today, to drastically improve your health or performance.
Whether you’re interested in improving overall health, increasing lifespan, improving physical performance or boosting your mental output, these lifestyle changes are your best chance of optimising and succeeding in these goals.
What about if you want to take it a step further?
You’re already implementing these changes and more. You’re on the frontier. You’re thirsty for knowledge. You want to know how you can take your performance and your health just that step further.
This is what human enhancement is all about.
Human enhancement looks at the implementation and integration of various technologies with the human body. How can we use our advances in technology to further enhance our performance and health? Well you can take one look at the explosion in popularity of the Fitbit and other health and fitness trackers and it becomes very obvious.
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We can use devices such as the Fitbit to track and measure our vital health factors (biometrics). This gives us a continuous stream of data through which we can determine whether or not we are advancing towards a high health or high performance state.
But these technologies and wearables are really just the beginning.
There is a whole suite of products and technologies which you can use today to directly improve your health and performance. And many more are to come in the near future, as information technology continues to improve in power, and get smaller in size.
Human enhancement technologies can be used to affect these key areas:
  1. Overall health (healthspan)
  2. Longevity (Lifespan)
  3. Physical performance
  4. Cognitive performance
  5. Efficiency (digital integration/communication)
At Neuratech, we are focused on providing practical and useful solutions to enhancing cognitive performance specifically.
Right now, this takes the form of a Nootropic supplement. However, we are actively looking at ways we can develop new products and technologies which go beyond the realm of supplements and consumables.
We have put together the following table, which is a list of some of the current human enhancement technologies which are currently available for you to take your body to the next level.
For each technology, we will give an example of a type of product or company in this category.
Note: We do not endorse the use of these potent drugs/pharmaceuticals or any illegal activity. These are merely options for improving some aspect of health/performance, which we have displayed and shown from the research we have conducted. You should consult your doctor/physician before consuming any of these substances.
The technologies and products listed above already exist and are available on the market today. If one of them peaks your interest, we recommend doing some research and deciding for yourself if you want to make that kind of investment to potentially accelerate your health/performance to new heights.
The next 20-30 years will see a surge in innovative and life-changing human enhancement technologies and products.
Most of these will become available as we approach the technological singularity.
Life and humanity as we know it may forever change due to some of these advances. Immortality may become a real possibility.
The following is a list of human enhancement technologies which will soon become available and present interesting opportunities to modulate and improve the human body significantly:
  1. Nootropic Drugs/pharmaceuticals (e.g. MEM1414)
  2. Germline genetic engineering
  3. Somatic Gene Therapy (e.g. CRISPR)
  4. Stem cell therapy
  5. Neural technologies/engineering (Brain computer interfaces, Neuromodulation, Neural prosthetics, Consciousness upload)
  6. Nanotechnology (Nanomedicine, Nanorobots etc.)
  7. Powered exoskeleton suits
  8. Advanced robotic prosthetics
  9. 3D Bioprinting
  10. Wearables/implants
  11. Personalised medicines (based on genetics)
We plan to continually add to these two lists, and publish them in our own eBook/book format for people enthusiastic about human enhancement.
Be sure to let us know of any notable technologies or products/companies that are making an impact in this space that you think should be added to these lists.
Want to play a part in this new cognitive revolution? Join us and purchase Claritea HERE.

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