Savvy Brain Boost Coffee Powder (1 week)

Savvy Brain Boost Coffee is a premium blend of Arabica Coffee infused with synergistic doses of vitamins, plants and nootropics including:

- Ashwagandha at 100mg
- L-Theanine at 200mg
- Rhodiola Rosea at 100mg
- Panax Ginseng at 50mg
- GoMCT (MCT Powder) at 3.7g

This coffee gives you a smooth, clean boost in energy and includes healthy fats (MCT Powder) to help extend the effects of caffeine and provide extra energy through ketone production!

Directions of use: Mix 1 Sachet (10g) into 300ml of hot or cold water or your preferred beverage and stir. Consume in the morning to kickstart your day or whenever you need a brain boost.

1 pouch = 7 sachets

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