Our story



Neuratech is a Brisbane based startup pioneering the nootropic supplement category in Australia.

Neuratech was born from the iLab Accelerator at the University of Queensland, where founders Filip Saric and Daniel Stone realised the potential of these cognitive enhancing substances, and the opportunity that existed within Australia in 2017. 

Neuratech aims to develop the highest quality neuro-nutrition products across Australia and internationally. The goal is to be at the forefront of this new cognitive revolution, and help consumers support their most important asset, their brains.


Our mission

  1. To empower, fuel and nourish the high performers, thinkers, doers and creators to help build a better world for the future

  2. To help support and solve the 4 most important problems that are plaguing modern society using natural compounds:
    1. Long term brain health (Neuroprotection, healthy brain aging, reduce cognitive decline)
    2. Brain Performance (Focus, productivity, energy)
    3. Mental Health (Stress, anxiety, depression)
    4. Sleep


    The team

    Filip Saric (Co-founder and Director)

    Filip graduated from the University of Queensland in 2017 with a Bachelor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. It was during this period that he discovered his passion for cognitive enhancing substances, and the idea that it is possible to significantly modulate performance through tinkering with your personal neurochemistry.
    He saw an opportunity to use this knowledge to create a Nootropics company in Australia, a relatively under-explored area when compared to the U.S market.
    He is interested in engineering and entrepreneurship, emerging exponential technologies and the future. He enjoys reading, learning and exercising in his spare time, as well as collaborating with other like minded individuals.

    Daniel Stone (Co-founder and Director)


    Daniel Graduated from the University of Queensland with a Honours degree in Occupational Health and Safety Science in 2016. After seeing first hand the many accidents resulting from poor judgement he delved into the world of Nootropics to figure out how to to eliminate these lapses and mistakes.
    It immediately became evident that Nootropics could not only help prevent workplace incidents but improve decision making across the entire economy. Based on this insight he made it his mission to bring these benefits to as many people as possible to eliminate accidents, minimise economic mistakes and turbo charge the lives of millions.

    Dr. John Kapeleris (Senior Advisor)

    Dr. John Kapeleris has recently joined Neuratech as a Senior Advisor. John brings a wealth of knowledge from decades of experience working in the pharmaceutical, medical device and supplement industries.
    John received his BSc in Biochemistry/Microbiology and Doctor in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Queensland before going on to several executive positions where he lead large organisations and teams to achieve sales, innovation and commercialisation milestones.
    John has also held the position as COO of one of Australia's most prominent supplement companies. He brings expertise in innovation, commercialisation, manufacturing and operations to help scale Neuratech to be a market leader in nootropics.

    Shaun Ambrose (Advisor)

    Shaun is the Founder and Managing Director of Temple Foods and recently appointed Advisor for Neuratech.
    Temple Foods is a premium food and supplement manufacturing facility which specialises in Research & Development, Innovative FMCG, Dry Blending & Packing as well as Warehousing & Distribution. 
    Temple Foods is a Brisbane based facility that is GMP certified and utilises key Australian and international suppliers for their ingredients.
    Shaun brings years of experience in manufacturing high quality nutrition and supplement products, innovative concepts and a strong R&D team to help support Neuratech in achieving their product outcomes.

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