Enhance™ is your daily neurovitamin for brain health. Engineered to support your memory and brain function for a healthy, high performing brain, for life.

Developed to support and nurture the natural processes underlying the key physical and mental aspects of cognitive performance. True, high level mental performance, just like physical performance is the result of lasting, long term changes from the right stimuli. The body doesnt change after one healthy act so why expect the brain to be differnt?

Enhance's natural ingredients have been selected to work in synergy to improve brain funciton, memory and focus while providing neuroprotection. The result, a nootropic that fuels your brain to perform at it's peak, no matter the task

In today's fast paced society performance is rewarded more than ever. Give yourself the best chance by supporting your most important asset - your brain.

  • Boost short term and long term cognitive function.
  • Clinically dosed ingredients, no shortcuts.
  • Utilising nootropics proven to be both safe, and effective.
  • Made from only the highest quality ingredients.
Want to learn more about the ingredients found within Enhance?
Check out the research page here.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Enhance?

Enhance was designed to support all high performing individuals, specifically those who are commited to growth and want to optimise their mental capabilities.

Enhance is the catalyst to accelerated learning and mental performance, whatever your goal.

How does it work?

In short, it supports your brain through a variety of biochemical pathways that underlie brain health, performance and longevity. It does this by improving cellular energy, increasing neural growth factors and promoting neurotransmitter production.

Is Enhance safe?

Enhance is manufactured in a fully licensed and certified GMP Australian facility utilising only the highest quality ingredients from local and international suppliers. Whilst Enhance is not classified as a Therapeutic Good under the TGA, all of the ingredients provided in Enhance are classified as "safe" and permissible for use under the TGA as a "Listed Medicines".