Enhance Subscription Partners

We have partnered with four other Australian health & wellness brands that align with our core values to bring our Enhance subscription members more epic discounts on other great products to improve your brain and body.


1. Advance CBD 1000® 

For signing up to the Enhance subscription, you will also receive an exclusive discount of 15% off  Advance CBD1000!

Advance Extracts is another fresh company based in Brisbane, Australia that is pioneering the new CBD category. 

CBD can be used to support stress and anxiety throughout the day. It may also help support sleep. At higher doses, it can potentially help with relieving symptoms of pain.

We are glad to see Australian regulations finalling starting to open up to CBD as a useful and safe therapeutic, and are excited to support business/startups in this space that provide the highest quality products.



advance cbd 1000 australia

2. Head Honcho Supplements

For signing up to the Enhance subscription, you will also receive 20% off all Head Honcho products!

Head Honcho supplements is another cognitive enhancement supplement company based in Sydney, Australia.

The Founder, Tamim, is a former chemical engineer with experience working in the pharmaceutical and supplement industries.

Head Honcho pride themselves on creating super high quality and effective single ingredient products as well as providing self development content to help you reach your highest success.

Their Rhodiola Rosea and COQ10 + Shilajit products are of the highest standard and prove to be welcome additions to your daily routine and beverage of choice.

shilajit coq10 nootropic supplement head honcho

rhodiola rosea nootropic herb head honcho

2. Savvy Performance Coffee Pods

For signing up to the Enhance subscription, you will also receive 20% off all Savvy Performance Coffee Pods!

Savvy is a performance beverage brand based in Sydney, Australia. Founded by ex-lawyer and certified hustler Mark Curry. Their latest product, the Savvy Mental Performance Coffee pods are set to be a gamechanger.

Savvy Mental Performance Coffee Pods are Nespresso compatible, convenient coffee pods. But this is so much more than just coffee. It is the perfect blend of double shot, organic Arabica coffee boosted with superfood nutrients, vitamins, botanical extracts and nootropics.

Savvy coffee contains 14 science backed ingredients known to lower stress, improve mood and provide long lasting mental energy.

Specifically designed for the busy people, the high performers, people chasing goals and the coffee lovers!

Savvy have been awarded with the Best Startup of 2020 by the University of Technology, Sydney and also Best Healthy Coffee by Lux Life Food&Beverage.

savvy performance coffee pods

3. iRise Anti-hangover and Performance Beverage

For signing up to the Enhance subscription, you will also receive 20% off all iRise anti hangover beverages!

iRise drink is a performance and anti-hangover beverage brand, founded by Steve Devlin on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

After a successful crowdfund campaign via Indiegogo, iRise has gone from strength to strength, pursuing both their ecommerce channel and partnerships with local retailers and hospitality venues.

Their flagship product, the iRise Passionfruit, is a beverage designed to increase your body's natural response to alcohol by restocking the body with all the necessary nutrients used after a big night out.

irise anti hangover and performance beverage

4. Barkley Blue Blockers

For signing up to the Enhance subscription, you will also receive 15% off Barkley Blue blockers.

Barkley Eyewear is the new kid on the block in the blue-blocker and functional eyewear category.

Founded by biohacker and holistic health coach, Dayne Barkley, these shades are set to dominate the space.

Why is this? Barkley Eyewear combine the function of high quality blue blocking technology with super aesthetic fames and a convenient 4-in-1 interchangeable lens system.

barkley blue blockers