Elite Biohacker's Stack

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Designed to support daily mental performance the Elite Biohackers Stack provides everything a high performing mind needs for sustained success.


The pack includes Alpha Mind to fuel your brain in the day, support memory and increase focus. Calm to help you unwind, destress and get a great night's sleep. Savvy Brain Boost Drinks and Savvy Brain Boost Coffee for those days when you need an extra boost.


This Day and Night pack includes:

Alpha Mind Nootropic valued at $79.99

Calm Hot Chocolate valued at $59.99


2 x Savvy Brain Boost Mental Performance Drinks for free

7 x Savvy Brain Boost Coffee for free

Alpha Mind is an energising full spectrum nootropic (smart supplement) with ingredients backed by over 800 scientific studies. Designed to support energy and focus throughout the day so you can be at your best no matter the task.

Think of it as the evolution of coffee. Caffeine, paired with 11 natural ingredients that work together to support sustained performance.


Calm is a sugar-free, hot chocolate treat that aids relaxation and promotes recovery so you can unwind for a night of restful sleep.

Designed using 11 all-natural ingredients including Magnesium, Chamomile Extract and Reishi Mushroom, Calm works to relax the mind a soothe the body.


Savvy Brain Boost Drink is Australia's first better-for-you smart drink crafted by nutritionists with zero sugar, packed full of natural & organic ingredients, and less than 6 calories per serve. 

Backed by experts in health and nutrition it’s like a “superfood green juice” for your brain, using 13 ingredients based on over 500 scientific studies showing the benefits of the beverage making it the epitome of intelligent nutrition. 


Savvy Brain Boost Coffee is a premium blend of Arabica Coffee infused with synergistic doses of vitamins, plants and nootropics including:

- Ashwagandha at 100mg
- L-Theanine at 200mg
- Rhodiola Rosea at 100mg
- Panax Ginseng at 50mg
- GoMCT (MCT Powder) at 3.7g

This coffee gives you a smooth, clean boost in energy and includes healthy fats (MCT Powder) to help extend the effects of caffeine and provide extra energy through ketone production!

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