Enhance is your daily nootropic for brain health.


It has been designed to support your brains higher level functions over the long term by giving it the support it needs for optimal health and performance.


Enhance focuses on optimising the fundamentals of brain function such as your neurotransmitter systems, particularly the cholinergic system (acetylcholine) and dopaminergic system (dopamine). 


We have also specifically targeted the production of neurotrophins (proteins that induce the survival, repair and development of neurons) through the use of Lions Mane Mushroom and Neurofactor. These ingredients have been clinically shown to boost Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF).


The final factor influencing cognitive function are nutrients, vitamins and minerals. To ensure your brain has optimal levels of all of these a B-Vitamin complex and Cellcharge, a new unique super nutrient booster containing fulvic minerals has been included.


All in all Enhance supports your brain in across all major areas to ensure overall brain and body health in the long term.


For optimal results use Enhance™ on a 5 day on, 2 days off split in order to:


  • Support memory
  • Accelerate learning
  • Increase neuroprotection



  1. Bacognize Bacopa Monnieri - 300mg
  2. Cognizin Citicholine - 300mg
  3. Lions Mane Mushroom - 500mg
  4. Neurofactor (Whole coffee fruit extract) - 100mg
  5. Acteolin - 200mg
  6. Phosphatidylserine - 100mg
  7. Uridine Monophosphate - 200mg
  8. Cellcharge - 10mg
  9. Bioperine - 10mg
  10. B-Vitamin Complex

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