Enhance is your daily nootropic for brain health.

Designed to support your brains higher level functions by giving it the nutritional and nootropic support it needs for optimally natural health and performance.


Works immediately

Optimally bioavailable nutrients combined with absorption enhancing Piperine ensures that Enhance is highly absorbed into the body to give you noticeable effects from the first dose.


Zero stimulants

Enhance focuses on the fundamentals of mental performance to allow your body and brain to naturally grow and improve over time. No unwanted side effects like tremors.


Supports neurogenesis

Lions mane, Acteolin and Neurofactor have been clinically shown to boost Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) so you can physically learn at a faster rate.


Fights fatigue

Fulvic minerals from Cellcharge and essential nutrients including B12 support energy producing processes to give you long lasting energy.


Balances neurotransmitters

Enhance contains Citicholine, a precursor which maintians levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to prevent mental burn out and brain fog under periods of intense focus. 


All in all Enhance supports your body and brain to ensure sustained improvements in health and performance.



  1. Bacopa Monnieri (Synapsa) - 300mg
  2. Cognizin Citicholine - 300mg
  3. Lions Mane Mushroom - 500mg
  4. Neurofactor (Whole coffee fruit extract) - 100mg
  5. Acteolin - 200mg
  6. Phosphatidylserine - 100mg
  7. Cellcharge - 10mg
  8. Bioperine - 10mg

Lasting benefits from lasting change.

      Upgrade your brain, upgrade your life

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