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Get your neurons firing with claritea - the ultimate lifestyle nootropic.

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What is claritea

Claritea is a powdered Nootropic stack designed to improve short and long term aspects of cognition. Not only does it immediately boost performance, it also supports and nourishes your brain to function better over time.

The natural compounds support your brain by optimising levels of neurotransmitters (Acetylcholine & Dopamine), facilitating energy production at the cellular level (ATP), reducing the effects of stress and stimulating alpha brain waves leading to a relaxed yet focused state (flow).

This stack creates the optimal environment for peak cognitive performance, so you can do more and be more.

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embracing the new wave of nutrition

We're developing holistic products to support health, longevity and performance. Nootropics represent the new wave of nutrition and supplementation to support your brain and body in today's society. No gimmicks, no b.s. marketing, just science.


the ultimate lifestyle supplement

Claritea is the ultimate lifestyle supplement for all high performers. A premium Nootropic stack which has been engineered to boost your health and total cognitive output.


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